30 November 2022

Biathlon in Lenzerheide: Mascot «Lenzi» is unveiled

Lenzi der Biathlon-Fan | Biathlon Maskottchen Lenzerheide | © Thomas Zipfel

A funny, cheeky capercaillie with heart and courage discovers the sport of biathlon. That is the story behind the biathlon mascot «Lenzi», who will accompany fans over the next two years - via the European Championships and the World Cup - to the first Biathlon World Championships in Switzerland in Lenzerheide.

From 25 to 29 January 2023, the IBU Open European Championships Biathlon will take place in the Roland Arena in Lantsch/Lenz. The European Championships are the first in a series of three major biathlon events in Lenzerheide. The Biathlon World Cup will take place in Lenzerheide as early as December 2023 and the Biathlon World Championships in January 2025. As part of this series of events, the organizers are unveiling the associated mascot named «Lenzi» today. 

A rooster for all occasions
It is a mascot with many messages. Starting with the shape of a capercaillie: this choice was not made by chance, as it was a pair of capercaillies that caused quite a few discussions with the environmental organisations when it came to the extension of the roller ski run in the Roland Arena in Lantsch/Lenz - the home of the capercaillie pair. «Lenzi», as a local of the sports venue, now invites people to the biathlon events, draws attention to important livelihoods, nature and sustainability, fights for respect and diversity - and: He is learning the sport of biathlon himself, even becoming a real biathlon star by the end of the event series.

The mascot is now visible in the form of cartoons telling the story of «Lenzi» on the communication channels of the organizer, but also in various regional newspapers. There will also be trading cards, buttons, and pins in the Lenzerheide holiday region. For the first time, «Lenzi» will appear as a living mascot the size of a human being during the European Biathlon Championships in January. Lenzi" was designed by the German artist and draughtsman Thomas Zipfel.

Get your ticket now
Tickets for the IBU Open European Championships Biathlon from 25 to 29 January 2023 in the Roland Arena in Lantsch/Lenz are now available online at lenzerheide2025.ch. In addition to day tickets, multi-day and VIP tickets with catering and accompaniment by ambassador Selina Gasparin are also available.